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Achievements 2004

Date Achievement
Year 2004 The government agreed to the implementation of a policy of at least 30% involvement of women at the decision making level in the public sector. The government hoped the private sector and non-governmental organisations would follow suit.  
8th October 2004 To increase awareness and provide guidance for health care to women, a programme, Women: Health and Lifestyle 2004, was launched by the Deputy Prime Minister on 8 October 2004. This programme was continued in 2005.  
4th March 2004 To improve the health of women and family members, the Nur Sejahtera Clinic and the Nur and Family Information Centre were launched on 4 March 2004. This clinic provides services for reproductive health, wellness of men and women, cancer screening for women, golden era management for the female senior citizens and safe weight management techniques for men and women. The Information Centre acts as a reference centre on matters related to the family institution and women's health.  
8th February 2004 An e-Women's Centre to help working women to generate additional income by using information and communications technology was launched on 8 February 2004 in the Pantai Valley .  
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