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Date Achievement
Year 2003

Furthermore, in line with Item 8(2) of the Federal Constitution and the vision and mission of the MWFCD to achieve gender equality, the government agreed to establish a Cabinet Committee on Gender Equality. This Cabinet Committee was chaired by the Prime Minister himself with several ministers as members. It is aimed at setting the direction and policy as well as monitor the implementation of programmes and projects related to the development of women and family. At its first meeting, this committee made three important decisions, i.e.:

i Creation of Gender Focal Point (GFP) in every relevant ministry and government agency. The GFP would act as the agent of the MWFCD in implementing programmes and projects at all government administrative levels so as to be in line with the intent to achieve gender equality. This would have a deep impact on government administration whereby each relevant ministry and agency would be more focused and effective in dealing with issues of development of women and gender equality in this country;

ii Establishment of special shelter homes for women and children whereby the House of Nur in five states, i.e. Kelantan, Pahang, Selangor, Melaka and Sabah , were renovated into shelter homes. These homes provided temporary shelter to women and children who were victims of violence. The House of Nur in Selangor would be made into a shelter especially for victims of human trafficking; and

iii The standardisation of Islamic laws would be expedited. This is to avoid problems arising from the differences of Islamic laws between states which affected women and children.

Year 2003 The Mentor-Mentee training programme for the National Savings Bank Micro Credit Scheme was implemented by the MWFCD in collaboration with the National Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Malaysia (NAWEM). This programme aimed to help small businesswomen entrepreneurs to obtain loans more systematically besides promoting training and business networking among women entrepreneurs.  
Year 2003 To strengthen family ties, the government agreed that an exemption of 50% on stamp duty would be given for transfer of property ownership among close family members like husbands, wives, mothers, fathers and children.  
Year 2003

From 2003, civil servants were also allowed to take unrecorded leave for 3 days to attend to funeral needs of close relatives who had passed away. In this way, the government hoped the private sector would adopt the same practices.

Budget 2003

Tax deduction for expenses incurred by companies in organising Family Day activities

Budget 2003 Male government officers can now enjoy longer paternity leave to enable them to assist their wife with childbirth and childcare. In line with the "Give Priority to Your Family" ("Utamakan Keluarga") campaign, paternity leave is extended from 3 to 7 days  
Budget 2003

Priority is given to single mothers with monthly incomes below RM600 to own low-cost homes located in a concentrated area.

31st May 2003

To consolidate the family institution, the SMARTSTART package was launched by His Royal Highness the Yang di-Pertuan Agong on 31 May 2003. This package comprises materials regarding preparedness for marriage, communication within families, health and parenting as a comprehensive package guide to newly married couples. The Cabinet, on 15 February 2006, agreed that the MWFCD conduct pre-nuptial courses (SMARTSTART Course) for future brides/grooms interested to participate in such courses

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