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Achievements 2006


Date Achievement View
Year 2006 To ensure the gender equality aspect is integrated in all government programmes and projects, the gender budget pilot project was implemented in five ministries, i.e. Education, Higher Education, Health, Human Resources, and Rural and Regional Development. These five ministries implemented the gender budget in their operating budgets commencing from the 2006/2007 budget.  
Year 2006

The MWFCD cooperated closely with NGOs through the smart partnership concept. The NGOs would be provided financial assistance to carry out such programmes like legal literacy, skills training and awareness campaigns. In 2005, a total of RM2.9 million was distributed to the NGOs and RM4.4 million to the State Council for Women and Family Development (SCWFD) to implement programmes for the development of women and family. This has benefited 448,273 participants.

To assist NGOs including welfare homes for senior citizens, children and the disabled as well as youth and sports associations to continue their activities/programmes, the government allocated RM138 million in 2006.
Budget 2006 The option of exemption claim on Real Property Gains Tax on a house was given to home owners, whether the husband or wife. Whereas prior to the 2006 budget, only one claim could be made by a couple, now both the husband and wife may claim the tax exemption once in their lifetime.  
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